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If it flowers...we will help you dig it, plant it, pot it, grow it and care for it so you can have amazing plants within any indoor-outdoor garden space.

We will enhance your gardening experience with the finest quality Horticultural Supplies for growing Orchids, Tropical Plants, Exotic Plants, Fruit Trees, Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens, Deck & Patio Gardens.

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Featured Products for

The Super Orchid Net Pot
Super Orchid
Net Pots (per 3)
Jobes Fertilizer Spikes  8-9-12
Fertilizer Stakes
Natural Bamboo U-Hoops
Natural Bamboo
Natural Tonkin Bamboo Stakes
Bamboo Stakes
Neptune's Organic Kelp Meal
Kelp Meal
Neptune's Organic Crab Shell Food
Organic Crab
Shell Plant Food
Grow More Tomato 18-18-21
Tomato Food
Magnum Rose Food 8-10-8
Magnum Rose
Food 8-10-8
Espoma Organic Potting Mix
Espoma Organic
Potting Mix
Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus 4-3-3
Starter Plus
Black Gold Horticultural Charcoal
Tomato Blossom
Set Spray
Black Gold Horticultural Charcoal
Soil Moist Mats
Insect Control
Soil Moist Mats
Soil Moist
9-Inch Mesh Basket
Mesh Basket
Schultz Starter Plus
Starter Plus
Jamaican Bat Guano
Bat Guano
Eight Insect Control
Eight Insect
Espoma Organic Garden lime
Garden Lime
Napa Bowl Planter
Napa Bowl
Planter - Sage
Premium New Zealand Sphagnum Moss Brick
Moss Brick
Tree Fern Plaques / Mounts
Tree Fern Mount
8" X 10" X 1"
The Mondavi Planter
The Mondavi
stone Planter
Mother Earth Hydropebbles
Mother Earth
Espoma Organic African violet Mix
Espoma African
Violet Mix
Gilmour Sprayer
Classic Finial Plant Stand
Classic Finial
Plant Stand
The River Stone Planter
The River
Stone Planter
The Phoenician Planter
The Phoenician
The Ella Planter
The Ella
The Caribbean Planter
The Caribbean
The Centabella Planter
The Centabella
8" European Terracotta Plastic Bowl
Cloning Gel
SeaBlast Grow 17-8-17
SeaBlast Grow
Primal Harvest
8" European Terracotta Plastic Bowl
Plant Warrior
8" European Terracotta Plastic Bowl
8" Plastic
Tindara Super Clear Round Plastic Pot
4 1/2" Super
Clear Pot
$7.95 (per 12)
Corona Long Curved Snips
Long Curved
Octagonal Wood Basket
6" Octagonal
Wood Basket
Tree Fern Fiber
T-Fern Fiber
¼ cu ft
Tree Fern Pots
Tree Fern
Pots ~ 5" Dia
Cork Coasters
Cork Coasters
set of 3
All Seasons Plant Food 20-20-20
Dried Green
Sheet Moss
Dutch Transplant Trowel
Dutch Garden Fork
Dutch Garden
Three Tine Bio Cultivator
Three Tine
Bio Cultivator
Black Gold Earthworm Castings
Black Gold
Worm Castings
Grow Bloom Plant Food 0-50-30
Grow Bloom
5 " Black European Pot
Black European
Pot (per 12)
Cymbidium Orchid Mix
Cork Chips
¼ Cu Ft Bag
Tindara Orchid Mix
Dewit Hand Spork
The One Gallon Pot
The One Gallon Pot (Pack of 6)
Algoflash Orchid Fertilizer
AlgoFlash Orchid Fertilizer
4 - Strand, 26 in., Green Wire Hanger
Green Hangers
(pack of 6)
Tidy Tray
Tidy Tray
Potting Tray
Ultrasoni Mist Maker-Water Fogger
Ultrasonic Mist
Maker / Fogger
¼ cu. ft. - Med
PREMIER Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix
Pro Mix®
Organic Mix
3-Arm Water Spout & pump kit
Water Spout
& Pump Kit
3 N 1 Rose Spray
3 N 1
Rose Spray
Daisy Clips
Orchid Clips
(12 Pack)
Physan 20
Physan 20
8 oz.
New Large Orchid Clips
Large Size
Butterfly Clip
Dozen ~ $5.95
Sticky Strips
Sticky Strips™
Insect Traps
Pack ~ $9.95
Neptune Harvest 2-3-1 Seaweed Fertilizer
Neptune's H.
2-3-1 Fert.
16 oz ~ $11.95
Maxsea Fertilizers
Maxsea Fert.
Cymbidium Orchid Pots
Cymbidium Orchid Pots
Island Brand Rooting Gel
Island Brand
Rooting Gel
4oz. $23.95
Soft Twist Ties
Soft Twist Ties
16 Ft Roll

Most of our products, orchid supplies and garden supplies, are now coming from companies located in the United States, Canada, Portugal, England, Germany, France, Italy, Holland and New Zealand.

Tindara has an extensive variety of indoor and outdoor gardening supplies, including a huge assortment of orchid supplies, potting tools, orchid growing mixes, orchid and gardening fertilizers, orchid plant pots, cedar orchid baskets, orchid stem clips, gardening potting soil, orchid potting soil and gardening tools for orchids, potted plants and outdoor gardens.

Plus, we have organic fertilizer and organic potting mix to keep you and your plants healthy.

With our premium gardening tools, orchid supplies, fertilizer and growing mix, your plants and orchids will grow bigger, better, faster.

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Email: info@tindaraorchids.com

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7" Large European Plastic Pot
Algoflash Orchid
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7" Large European Plastic Pot
21" Long,
Wire Hanger
40% off, now only $.95 ea.
7" Large European Plastic Pot
Hozelock P2
30% off, now only $22.35 ea.

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Tindaras Decorative Planter
Plant Containter
Tindara's 18 inch Garden bowl
Tindara's 18"
Garden Bowl
7 1/2" Decorative European Plastic Pot
7 1/2" Euro
Plastic Pot
6" Round Moss Green Pot
6" Round Pot
Moss Green
$9.95 (doz)
3 in. Deep Ultra-Hydro Pot
3 1/2" Ultra
Hydro Pot
$12.95 (doz)
New Zealand Tree Fern Plaques
New Zealand
T-Fern Plaque


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