PREMIER Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix

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PREMIER Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix

PREMIER® Pro-Mix® Ultimate Organic Mix 1 Cubic Foot bag is the same as 31 Quarts or 28 Liters!

*The Mycorise works naturally to enlarge the plants roots, which allow the plant to take-in more of the essential nutrients needed for growing stronger and healthier. The Sea-based compost is derived from shrimp by-products, seaweed, and/or softwood bark. This mixture works as a slow-release fertilizer, gradually feeding plants.

Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic Mix contains:

  • Mycorise Inside!Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Sea-based Compost
  • Limestone
  • Perlite
  • Mycorise* -endomycorrhizae inoculant

It works great for:

  • Seeding (Vegetables, Herbs, Annuals, Perennials)
  • Potting (Houseplants and Patio planters)
  • Planting (Flower, Fruits and Vegetable Gardens )

One 1 Cu. Ft. Bag Will Fill:

  • 62 - 4" Round Pots
  • 15 - 6" Round Pots
  • 7 - 8" Round Pots
  • 10 - 8" Hanging Baskets
  • 5 - 10" Hanging Baskets
  • 4 - 11" Hanging Baskets
  • 3 - 12" Hanging Baskets
OMRI Listed!
PREMIER® Pro-Mix® Ultimate Organic Mix ~ 1 cubic foot bag ~ $18.95 ea.

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