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Whether you're a novice or expert gardener, all the Garden & Orchid supplies you'll need are here.

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Founded in the early 1920s, Corona Clipper, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of professional and consumer gardening tools. Corona's proven designs and quality manufacturing processes make it the best choice in garden tools for the avid gardener. Their trusted products feature comfortable grips and innovative designs to make your gardening work easier. You can count on Corona to have the right tool for your outdoor or indoor gardening project.

Classic Cut Bypass
Pruner ¾" Cut

  • Stainless steel blades are easy to resharpen
  • Serrated blade for easy, clean cuts
  • Ergonomic, co-molded grips for comfort
  • Great for cutting an assortment of plants and flowers
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$26.95 ea.  

Forged Dual Cut
Bypass Pruner 1" Cut

  • Enhanced performance with large cuts due to patent pending blade and hook design delivers 20% more cutting power
  • Power and precision cuts with dual cutting zones
  • Internal spring, no lost parts or clogging
  • Shock-absorbing integrated bumper
  • Centralized lock for right or left-handed users
  • Comfortable handle with contoured soft grip
  • Easy to re-sharpen
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$35.95 ea.  

Long Curved Snip
Stainless Steel

  • Designed for cutting hard to reach delicate flower stems
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades prevent rusting, are easier to clean and reduce germ build-up
  • Unobtrusive leather strap lock

$11.95 ea.  

Long Straight Snip
Stainless Steel

Long Straight Snip - Stainless Steel
  • Long, straight, pointed blade for a wide range of applications
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel pointed blades prevent rusting, are easier to clean and reduce germ build-up
  • Unobtrusive leather strap lock

$11.95 ea.  

Fold Saw
8" Folding Blade

  • For small to medium branches
  • Folding blade
  • Curved-blade design for faster cutting
  • Tempered steel alloy blade
  • Seven precision-ground teeth per inch
  • Comfortable, hardwood handle
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$16.95 ea.  

Houseplant Shear

  • Forged steel alloy construction
  • Compact design for smaller hands
  • Suitable for left and right hand use
  • Easy to resharpen, narrow blades for delicate plants such as orchids, bonsai
  • Cushioned, non-slip grips
  • See More

$23.95 ea.  

Floral Scissors

  • Stainless steel blades are easy to resharpen
  • Serrated blade for easy, clean cuts
  • Ergonomic, co-molded grips for comfort
  • Great for cutting an assortment of plants and flowers
  • See More

$9.95 ea.  

Classic Cut Grass
Shear 5 ½" Cut

  • Stainless steel blades are easy to resharpen
  • Serrated blade for easy, clean cuts
  • Ergonomic, co-molded grips for comfort
  • Great for cutting an assortment of plants and flowers
  • See More

$29.95 ea.  

Sharpening Tool

  • 5" Super carbide file
  • Ideal for sharpening any cutting tool blades
  • Easy to fit in pocket or scabbard
  • Non-slip grip for easy use
  • See More

$9.95 ea.  

Thirsty Light

The Thirsty Light is a digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED to alert the user when it is time to water a potted plant. It is designed to be unobtrusive when left in the soil of a plant, where it continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second.

Thirsty Light can sense 5 different levels of dryness, causing the light to blink faster as the soil gets dryer, increasing the urgency of its call to action. When it reaches the fifth level, "completely dry", the device goes into standby mode to conserve electricity, emitting a double blink every 3 seconds. There is a low-battery mode as well: a slow triple blink.

The Thirsty Light comes with a comprehensive and informative user and watering guide.

Digital technology with embedded firmware.

Thirsty Light ~ $11.95 ea.


Portable/PreWired Thermostat
(For a worry free, automated growing climate. Eliminates over heating)

Portable/PreWired Thermostat

We've been using these portable thermostats in our greenhouse for 20 years in a very high humidity environment and they never let us down. We have one located/hanging in every corner or hot spot of our greenhouse. They even control the ceiling fans. If you want to automate the heating and cooling of your growing area and provide a worry free environment then these are what you need. Fans turn on and off automatically.

So simple and easy to use. Just plug into a wall socket and then plug the heater/fan/AC into the back of the plug. Then set the temperature (30° to 110°). As the temperature rises the fans turn on automatically. As the temperature falls below the temperature settings the fans shut off automatically. The sensor coils record the temperature. Not effected by surges and lightning strikes or power outages like a digital thermostat. A clear cover protects controls from weather and damage. Comes with a prewired 8 foot cord with a special piggyback plug - just plug the portable thermostat in the outlet and then plug your appliance in the back of the plug and set your temperature.

Excellent for use in barns, greenhouses, garages, sun rooms and more. Works great on 120volt propane heaters and electric heaters too.


RATINGS: 16 full load amps @ 120 Volts AC. 2.5 degree differential. Instructions included.

Portable/PreWired Thermostat ~ $69.95  ea.


Hori Hori Knife with Sheath
Traditionally used in Japan to collect specimens for bonsai

Hori Hori Knife with SheathOriginating several hundred years ago in Japan, this multi-purpose knife (part knife and part trowel) will help you... weed, plant, divide perennials and even cut sod with ease. It is beveled for shoveling and has a serrated edge for sawing. The blade is marked for depth measurement for easy planting and has become a favorite among Master Gardeners. This is a must for your garden tool collection. Hori-Hori means "dig-dig."

  •  7" Carbon Steel blade, black finish
  •  Wood handle is 5" long
  •  Blade is beveled for shoveling
  •  Blade has a serrated edge for sawing
  •  Blade is engraved for depth measurement
  •  Vinyl belted sheath included

Hori Hori Knife ~ SOLD OUT

  • Dig
  • Weed
  • Transplant
  • Divide
  • Shovel
  • Cut
The essential tool for Gardeners!
One of our most popular garden tools.

Garden Gloves
Made from Bamboo!

Garden Gloves

Bamboo is one of nature's most sustainable resources. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. The fabric is breathable, cool and more absorbent than cotton.

Men's Garden Gloves Bamboo fabric contains a unique antibacterial agent which helps reduces bacteria and odors.
  • 100% bamboo fabric shell.
  • Nitrile coated palm provides great grip, tough abrasion protection and puncture resistance.
  • Cushioned, extremely comfortable.
  • Sizes: Men's Large, Women's Small & Medium

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Women's Garden Gloves

SEE what's bugging your plants!

  • High power unbreakable lens with 5x super strength bifocal
  • Patented metal grip for added stability and strength
  • Hand polished high density, impact resistant tapered handle
  • Polished chrome metal frame.
  • 3" diameter glass lens
  • 4.25" handle

Magnifier $9.95 each

Stainless Steel Blades!


FISKARS® micro-tip blades are ideal for all orchids, herbs, houseplants and bonsai. Special features: comfortable cushioned grip, special safety lock, precision cutting, stainless steel blades, includes free blade cover. Total length of pruners is 6 inches.

Fiskars Thumbnail Image   Fiskars Softouch® Micro Pruners - $18.95 each
Keep your orchid environment clean and disease free with Physan 20. Tools used to cut or trim orchid plants should be sterilized when switching from plant to plant to avoid the transmission of virus and bacteria. We recommend dipping your cutting tools in Physan 20.

Momet Plus™
Moisture Meter plus Temperature & Humidity Gauge

Momet Moisture Meter

The MOMET Plus™ is the most advanced orchid/plant meter on the market today featuring new, state of the art digital technology. MOMET Plus™ works for orchids, houseplants, gardens and more.

Simply insert the MOMET Plus™ probes into your plant's medium for an instant and accurate reading of: Moisture  Light  Humidity  Temperature

THE MOMET PLUS features:

LCD Screen: Digital display providesyou with multiple readings simultaneously.

Bark/Moss: Know when to water your plants. Choose either bark/chips or moss/soil medium for a moisture reading of dry, medium, or wet.

Max/Min: Understand your growing conditions by displaying history of temperature and humidity. Push the clear button to clear memory.

°C/°F: Temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Probe Sensors: 5" high-quality stainless steel interchangeable probes.

Swivel Feature: Head swivels 180° to give you easy viewing of LCD screen - excellent for indoor or outdoor gardeners and plantscapers.

Includes two AAA batteries and a watering guide.

The Momet Plus™ - SOLD OUT

Click here to watch "the Momet Plus™" information and usage video.

The MOMET PlusT combines four different meters all-in-one so you do not have to waste money and time buying separate units!

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