Watering Tools & Supplies

Whether you're a novice or expert gardener, all the Garden & Orchid supplies you'll need are here.

These fine Tindara™ selections make watering fun and efficient!

Soil Moist Mats
Voted best new product from the Super Floral Show and the International Floriculture Expo.

Soil Moist Mats contain water storing polymer woven into a cloth to line baskets and containers.

The easy to apply product is designed to reduce plant watering by 50%. There are six mats per pack.

Soil Moist Mats for growing applications:
Soil Moist Mats absorb similar to a sponge and hold it in the plant container. Non-toxic crystals are woven into the degradable cloth material. As the soil begins to dry, the mat slowly releases stored water to the soil and the plant's roots over an extended period of time. They reduce plant watering with less worry and save time.

The mats last for several seasons in the soil and are environmentally friendly. The easy to apply mat is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and potted plants for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Mat dimensions are 7" x 7" (6 per pkg.).
Use one 7 x 7" mat for up to a 15-20" container/planter.
Line baskets, planters and containers and reduce plant watering by 50%

Soil Moist Mats ~ $11.95  (pkg. of 6)

Gilmour Sprayer
(No pre-mixing needed, no measuring, no wasted chemicals)

Gilmour Sprayer
  • Mixing dial eliminates confusion each setting shown in teaspoons, tablespoons and ounces per gallon.
  • 12 specially selected mixture settings meet the needs of most popular garden treatments 1-1/2 tsp./gal. to 8 oz./gal.
  • Four pattern spray dial selects patterns for lawn, shrub, tree and garden applications.
  • Built-in anti-siphon device prevents back flow.
  • No measuring, no pre-mixing, and no waste.
  • Construction: Durable, chemical resistant, rustproof polymer construction.
  • Swivel nut for upright hose attachment.
  • 32 oz container increases versatility and minimizes refills.

Gilmour Sprayer ~ $29.95  ea.

Gilmours' no pre-mix sprayers are easy to use. Concentrate is poured directly into the sprayer. Simply set the dial to dilution rate and spray. When finished, pour unused portion back into original container.

Thirsty Light

The Thirsty Light is a digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED to alert the user when it is time to water a potted plant. It is designed to be unobtrusive when left in the soil of a plant, where it continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second.

Thirsty Light can sense 5 different levels of dryness, causing the light to blink faster as the soil gets dryer, increasing the urgency of its call to action. When it reaches the fifth level, "completely dry", the device goes into standby mode to conserve electricity, emitting a double blink every 3 seconds. There is a low-battery mode as well: a slow triple blink.

The Thirsty Light comes with a comprehensive and informative user and watering guide.

Digital technology with embedded firmware.

Thirsty Light ~ $11.95 ea.


Hozelock P2 Sprayer

Hawes Brass Orchid Mister

The Hozelock P2 Sprayer is ideal for applying a fine spray or a sharp stream.

The pressure sprayer shoots a solution spray through an adjustable nozzle.

Release is controlled by your thumb.

Simply depress the trigger for intermittent spraying or use the lock button for continuous spraying.

Compact, light and perfectly designed for constant application.

You never have to use a trigger pump again.

Viton seals for increased chemical resistance. Made in England

The Hozelock P2 Sprayer ~ $31.95
(2.5 Pint capacity)  

Haws Orchid Mist Sprayers, 300ml
Great for misting Orchids on mounts or in baskets.

Hawes Brass Orchid Mister

This beautiful mister is ideal for creating a full spray pattern, providing the humidity necessary for growing Orchids.

Made in Great Britain and built to the same exceptional standards as all the Haws products we carry.

With its smooth pump action, the Haws Orchid Mist Sprayers are ideal for misting and foliar feeding. This high quality misting tool can be pressurized with just a few quick strokes for continuous spraying.

The design is stylish and innovative.

Comes complete in a handsome gift box and is ready for use right out of the box. All Brass or Nickel Plated.

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Ultrasonic Mist Maker-Water Fogger
Create a Mystique with a Mist Maker- Water Fogger

These fully submersible mini foggers utilize electrical oscillation frequencies to create a natural white mist (fog) on the surface of water.

Simply place the fogger into clean tap water and see a beautiful rolling cool-mist, fog vapor rising out of the water immediately.

The mist adds moisture to any dry environment and the beneficial negative ions generated by the mist maker help to freshen air and the surrounding environment. Container not included.

Ideal for all plants, especially orchids.

Covers an area up to 3 - 4 feet.

Quality ultrasonic transducer (mist maker) with 110V adaptor, Teflon coated disc. UL listed.
Transducer head size is 1.5" diameter x 1.75" high.

Ultrasonic Water Fogger-Mist Maker - $39.95 ea.  


The ORIGINAL Wonder Waterer
Others have tried, but none can compare to this hand watering tool.

The ORIGINAL Wonder Waterer

We have been using the Wonder Waterer in our greenhouses for over fifteen years and have decided to share this unbelievable, professional quality, durable hand watering tool with our customers.

The Wonder Waterer has the highest quality nozzle, used by professional growers, for gently watering seedlings, tender plants, orchids and tropicals.

The Laser Cut face plate creates a gentle, precise water pattern that won't disturb plants.

The Wonder Waterer - $39.95 ea.  

Plug growers love their Wonder Waterer.

This is the Best!!

Wonder Waterer's Special Features:

The Wonder Waterer's Laser-Cut Face plate
  • Very uniform, soft water pattern
  • Front plate is removable for easy cleaning
  • Contains a 6" inline water filter, light-weight
  • Convenient ball valve thumb control shut off, also used to control water flow
  • Comfortable, cushioned handle
  • Easily connects to hose
  • Will last for years

Fogg-It Nozzles
Made from solid brass!

Fogg-It Nozzle

Fogg-It Nozzles have been used for years in the greenhouse industry and now they are available to the homeowner as well. Fogg-It Nozzles are precision made with solid brass jets and are designed to last for years.

Super Fine - $9.95  Each

   The SuperFine Size distributes 1/2 gallon of water per minute. It is perfect for delicate orchid flowers, orchid seedlings, etc. Ideal for greenhouse use.

Fine - $9.95  Each

The Fine Size distributes 1 gallon of water per minute. It is perfect for delicate orchid flowers, mature orchids, new seed beds, greenhouse use.

Hawes logo  Haws Watering Cans

Since 1886 and still made in England, Haws Watering Cans are the finest available. These lovely indoor & outdoor watering cans are elegantly designed, perfectly balanced and expertly crafted. They are so stunning that Tindara is sure they will have a permanent spot on your counter, windowsill, potting bench or in your greenhouse.

The Haws Watering cans are the top of the line and could be passed along from generation to generation as heirlooms.

Extremely high quality, simply the best!

If you want perfection in the garden, there are some things you just have to own.

A Haws watering can is one of them. You might say that it's only a watering can but it is beautiful and very stylish. They are the kind of cans you just have to own if you're in any way serious about gardening. A Haws can is one of those gifts, whether you buy it for yourself or for somebody else, that will delight for years and years.

Hawes logo Indoor Copper Watering Can 
  • The metal indoor cans are extremely elegant with swooping spouts and brass roses. They are also extremely practical, serviceable watering cans for indoor plants. These Haws indoor cans can be polished or left to oxidize to a wonderful antique finish.
  • Hawes Indoor Copper Watering CanThese beautifully designed cans are made of pure copper, shaped in the traditional Haws style. Each has a removable fine brass oval rose for watering plants and seedlings.
  • With tapered gracefully curved spouts Haws pot waterers are designed especially for accurate spot-on watering of plant pots and saucers.
Copper - $109.95 ea.  

These are gift boxed and make wonderful gifts.

Dimensions: 16 in. long x 6 ½ in. high x 2 pint capacity

Hawes logo The Haws Slimcan Watering Can 
  • The European market has always favored oval shape watering cans with a single handle running front to back. Haws and Tindara are now offering this style of watering can as an alternative to the traditional British two handled can. Made from heavy gauge steel with a 'hot-dip' galvanized zinc coating resisting rust. A further powder coat finish is applied to provide an alternative British Racing Green finish to the natural galvanized version.
  • Spout length is from the base of the spout where it connects to the can to the tip of the spout where it connects to the Brass Rose.
The Haws Slim Can - $99.95 ea.  

Dimensions: 1.3 gallon capacity
26 in. long x 7 in. wide X 13 in. high
Spout length is 12 ¾ in. with a 4 in. Brass Rose

Hawes logo Painted Metal
Indoor Watering Can 
  • Made of galvanized steel with a tough powder coat British Racing Green paint finish which makes these cans especially durable and attractive.
  • Hawes Painted Metal Watering CanEach can is supplied with a quality oval brass spray rose.
Painted Metal- $69.95 ea.  

Dimensions: 16 in. long x 6 ½ in. high x 2 pint capacity

Hawes logo Deluxe Plastic
Outdoor Watering Can 
  • Haws heavy duty plastic cans are made from an extremely hard wearing & high impact strength material. The cans are light in weight and are perfectly balanced.
  • Hawes Deluxe Plastic Outdoor Watering CanThis 'Deluxe' can is in terracotta red, has brass ferrules, and is supplied with an all brass oval rose and a plastic downspout.
Deluxe Plastic - $69.95 ea.  

Dimensions: 29 in. long x 11 in. high x 1.5 gallon capacity

Hawes logo Green Heritage
Indoor Plastic Watering Can    
  • This new 2 pint can comes with a fine brass faced rose which is stored on a special parking point when not in use. Unique construction with high quality injection molding plus an attractive high gloss finish.
  • Hawes Green Heritage Indoor Plastic Watering CanSized to fit any windowsill. Attractive 'Trellis' pattern. Domed lid to prevent spillage when pouring.
  • Complete with Brass Rose face.
Green Indoor Plastic - $16.95 ea.  

Dimensions: 11 in. long x 9 in. high x 2 pint capacity

Hawes logo Long-Reach Plastic
Outdoor Watering Can 
  • Haws polyethylene plastic watering cans feature exactly the same design advantages as the more expensive models and have the additional advantage of providing parking points for the oval brass faced rose and right-angle downspout attachments.
  • Haws Logn Reach Plastic Outdoor Watering CanThe 'Long-Reach' 1 Gallon cans have a longer spout following the Haws tradition.
Plastic Long-Reach - $44.95 ea.  

Dimensions: 30 in. long x 9 in. high x 1 gallon capacity

Hawes logoThe 'Traditional' Haws Watering Cans
(Large 2 Gallon Capacity)

The Traditional Hawes Watering Cans

The 'Traditional' design has been produced in various forms for generations. Tindara now offers two choices of cans in the 'Traditional' style. Made of heavy gauge steel coated with zinc for rust resistance. They are available in either Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish or with the British Racing Green powder paint coating. The can is designed with both a top and back wood handle to make watering easier and the domed lid prevents water spilling out when the can is tipped for spraying.

  • 2 Gallon Capacity
  • Domed lid - no spilling when watering
  • Light and well balanced with two handgrips
  • Treated with a titanium lacquer coating
  • Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish & powder coated British Racing Green
  • Round Brass Rose included

All 'Traditional' watering cans are provided with a brass faced screw on rose. The 'Traditional' can is suitable for general watering, including the spraying of well advanced seedlings, however, it does not have a long spout or a fine rose as some other Haws styles, and is not therefore recommended for watering seeds and tiny seedlings.

Spout length = 15 in.  ●  Can height, including handle = 17 in. ●  Can width =8.5 in. ● 2 in. Rose

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Floral Mist Spray Bottles

Floral Mist Spray Bottles
Ideal for orchids and all plants!

WOW! These are beauties.
Yellow Floral Mist Spray Bottle - 16 oz. size ~ SOLD OUT

Crystal clear spray bottles with floral print for indoor and outdoor use.

Very attractive, 10.5 inches high, 16 oz. capacity.

Daisies on the yellow bottle. Only the Yellow one is available.

Ideal for spraying your orchids and plants with water, insecticides, leaf cleaner, fungicides and liquid fertilizer.

Very comfortable, easy to use with adjustable sprayer. Sprayers have a very comfortable, soft rubber, non-slip trigger.

As one customer says: "they are wonderful - aside from being pretty, they don't cave in while being emptied in spraying, they don't drip, etc. I love these bottles."

Yellow Floral Mist Spray Bottle - 16 oz. size ~ SOLD OUT

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